Waiting for the big blush

The book ”The Incorrigible” is written in English by author Harriet Dument, therefore I will write about it in English. Published by Andra Världar, a Swedish publisher, it can be ordered by number ISBN 978-91-87951-07-7
The novel seems to be a fantasy story about pirates. It contains dragons and supernatural powers called ”weer”. Most of all, it is a soft pornographic novel. The author promised me I would blush when she signed my book. I didn’t. I belong to the swinging hippy generation, familiar with the sexual actions described in the novel.
The story goes like this: The pirate ship ”The Incorrigible” is fighting with another pirate ship after an attack on a town by dragons. Among their loot is a person posing as a girl. The ship has a crew doing different tasks, among others the ship’s doctor, the ship’s cook, the ship’s musician and now this drag queen becomes the ship’s lover. He has a weer to change his body, but only slightly, like facial features and hands. I was waiting for him to change between man and woman at will, but that never happened.  After a lot of thoroughly described soft sex, the ship enters the pirates city Dead Man’s Bluff. The sex metaphores are humorous, like ”Cook Holm have the best sausage in all o’ the seven seas, and nothin’ compares to the way he handle oysters for tha’ creamy soup.” There is also a pirates song which gives me the same feeling as the Norwegian ”Kasper og Jesper og Jonathan”. Sex and some duels carry on in the inn Mom’s Bloody Dagger. At the end, there are two sea fights, against another pirate ship and a ship from the Inquisition, who doesn’t like weers. After having freed some prisoners and a happy reunion, the Incorrigible sets out to sea again and everybody lives a happy sexual life ever after.
I can recommand the novel for people appreciating descriptions of free sex, no matter with whom. It has a warm, loving feeling right through its 249 pages.
This is a feelgood novel.

Av forlag

Tora Greve startade förlaget för att det skulle ta för lång tid att publicera hos någon annan. Dessutom har böckerna lång livstid. Det har även de andra samarbetande författarna insett.